A Glossary of Targum Onkelos: According to Alexander by Edward Cook Sir

By Edward Cook Sir

"Targum Onkelos" is the oldest entire Jewish Aramaic translation of the "Pentateuch", and it has performed an incredible position in Jewish exegesis through the centuries. even if the vocabulary of "Onkelos" has been integrated within the significant rabbinic dictionaries, there hasn't ever been a quantity dedicated exclusively to the vocabulary of "Onkelos". this thesaurus, in keeping with the traditional severe version, comprises all the vocabulary of the targum, plus geographical names, with bibliographical references to cognates in different Aramaic dialects. it is going to be a massive aid either to scholars first encountering the language of the Targum, in addition to to experts looking a radical remedy of its lexical positive factors.

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A[qb, emph. at;[}qbi n. f. valley Gen 11:2; 49:12; Deut 8:7; 11:11; 34:3. v. bq{t; Vogt 30; ATTM 1:535, 2:363; DJPA 110; DJBA 230; cp. ] rqb vb. ) Lev 13:36, 27:33. ] rqb, pl. cstr. yreqb' n. m. herd of cattle Deut 7:13; 28:4, 18, 51. ] rb I, emph. ar;b; n. m. field, outside; ˜mi rb; prep. except for; ar;b;l] adv. outside; ar;b'mi adv. outside; ar;b'ymil] adv. ] rb' ˜m); DJBA 239; DSA 118-119; LSp 31; LS2 88; II, pl. abs. ˜ynIb] n. m. v. ] dr'b,] emph. ad;rb' ryb; DJBA n. m. ] EDWARD COOK 40 lrb, emph.

M. pl. virginity, tokens of virginity Lev 21:13; Deut 22:14-15, 17, 20. ] adv. suddenly Num 6:9; 12:4; 35:22. v. /conj. after; rt'b;mi prep. v. v. ] yrtb, m. emph. ha;r;t]b; adj. last, latter Gen 33:2; Ex 4:8; Deut 24:3; 29:21. v. v. yartb; MD 51. ] ] at;yret]b;b] adv. afterward Num 2:31; Deut 13:10; 17:7.

Tamid 5:4), while TO uses ˚yzb to translate πk. 14 [ANHW 49 aK;z IB' (cf. ] ' [zb vb. ] ryjb, f. pl. abs. ˜r;yjib] adj. select, excellent Ex 14:7. v. ] ˜jb vb. ) Gen 42:15-16, Deut 33:8 as variant readings for rjb. ] 14 Tal, Language, 186. rjb; LSp 24; EDWARD COOK 32 rjb vb. ) Gen 13:11; 42:15-16; 49:16-17; Ex 17:9; 18:25; Num 31:5; Deut 33:8. The meaning test in Gen 42:15-16, Deut 33:8 is elsewhere normal only in Syriac and Mandaic. ] lyfib] adj. idle Ex 32:25. [DJPA 91; cf. v. v. ] lfb vb. ] ˜lfb, m.

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