A Little Book of Listening Skills by Jennifer Austin Leigh, Mark Brady

By Jennifer Austin Leigh, Mark Brady

A bit e-book of Listening Skills:52 crucial practices for profoundly loving your self and folks is a e-book that teaches readers how one can pay attention with ears and hearts and to rework their lives and the lives of others.

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In addition to voice tone, body language can also contradict spoken words. A person proclaiming themselves to be happy while sitting slumped with a frown on their face sends a mixed message. Likewise, a person who laughs nervously as a defence in emotionally loaded circumstance is demonstrating incongruous or inconsistent communication. A skilful listener learns to recognise inconsistencies. They listen for the feeling that is expressed even when the words don’t match the communication. The feelings communicated through the mixed message will be the more accurate and truthful dimension of the communication.

Listen between the words Skilled listeners pay great attention to what’s not being said as well as to what is. They recognise that in many conversations, the speaker is deciding how safe they feel and consequently, what they can reveal. This process goes on with friends and adversaries alike. Research has demonstrated that the actual words we use convey less than ten percent of the total information that we receive from another. The rest is taken from tone, context, body language, and what is not said.

Practise: Put on “the eyes and ears of a child” the next time you speak to someone. What things do you become curious about? What questions can you ask to discover more about that person? 32 22. Listen for underlying needs In one way or another, every human communication is an expression of a need. ” A skilled listener listens for the underlying needs of the speaker. ” Listening for needs works to identify areas of common interest around which exciting, positive, creative collaborations can be built.

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