A Sexual Odyssey by Lyn Paula Russell

By Lyn Paula Russell

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I pray. I talk with him often. But I’m not one of those who is not lonely because God is in my life. I wish it was that easy for me. I guess it’s just loneliness. If people knew, they’d be surprised I feel this way. “I have loads of friends. I teach elementary school and am the most loved teacher at my school. Yet, there is an emptiness. As I get older, I try to come to terms with this. I think this may be my lot. Maybe marriage isn’t in my future. I don’t know how I’ll handle it. I try to prepare myself.

What a delightful phrase, “my agent,” as in “My agent says ... I couldn’t have done it without my agent.... ” The patient, perceptive, perspicacious editors at Beyond Words Publishing: Rosemary Wray, for whom the proposal “resonated,” and whose firm, sensitive hand was later vital in shaping a leaner, stronger, consistently honest book. The ever obliging, unfailingly helpful Julie Steigerwaldt. The highly creative, thoroughly professional Laura Carlsmith. Copyeditor David Abel, who did what he had to do while treating the highly personal thoughts and feelings with integrity and respect.

An energetic, involved member of her community, Gallagher is one of those compassionate, giving people whose permanent withdrawal from the world would make it a poorer place. Yet she nurtures and protects her restorative periods of solitude, retreating alone to the family’s coastal cottage whenever her active personal and professional life permits. “Solitude is a huge, ambivalent topic for women,” she remarks. “It’s why so many books on this hypnotic subject have been written by us. Most women admire other women who venture off on their own, but they’d never do it themselves.

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