Access the Power of Your Higher Self by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

By Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Ten dynamic steps with easy suggestions to aid strengthen a detailed operating dating with Spirit—and to adventure the enjoyment, peace and empowerment that's our non secular birthright. know about the Causal physique and the way we shop riches in heaven via many lifetimes and will entry that account right here and now

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Soon she had hundreds of signatures. Even the toughest inmates began their own letter-writing campaign against the plan. At every step her Presence told her what to do. ’ And I heard it very directly. ” On the day of the hearing before the board of supervisors, a hundred of the health-care staff showed up, with Joey as their main spokesperson. She had only one minute to make the difference. “I didn’t have a clue what I was going to say when I got up there,” she remembers. But then her I AM Presence and Christ Self took over.

Three years later the health-care services have yet to be contracted out. Joey continues her work with the prisoners—and her daily prayers to her I AM Presence, the power that keeps her going and guides her life. Fringe Benefits Joey experienced just a few of the benefits of constant communion with her Higher Self. She got guidance and direction, love and support in a difficult situation. She also was able to tap into a latent talent, public speaking. Everyone has latent talents. ” On the Chart of Your Real Self (front cover), they’re represented by the colored rings surrounding the upper figure.

Every day she asks her I AM Presence and Christ Self for light-energy and protection. She asks to be surrounded by a cylinder of light-energy. Joey believes that this energy sustains her and allows her to bring love to the inmates without getting rattled by the name-calling, abusive language and threats that bombard her. She describes the energy released by her Presence almost as a buoy, or a life preserver, that surrounds and insulates her during the most difficult tasks. Joey is responsible for testing the inmates for communicable diseases, including HIV and tuberculosis.

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