Advanced control of chemical processes (ADCHEM '94) : IFAC by D Bonvin; International Federation of Automatic Control

By D Bonvin; International Federation of Automatic Control

This ebook brings jointly the most recent study findings within the key sector of chemical method keep an eye on; together with dynamic modelling and simulation - modelling and version validation for program in linear and nonlinear model-based keep an eye on: nonlinear model-based predictive keep an eye on and optimization - to facilitate restricted real-time optimization of chemical strategies; statistical keep watch over techniques - significant advancements within the statistical interpretation of measured info to steer destiny learn; knowledge-based v model-based control - the mixing of theoretical points of regulate and optimization concept with newer advancements in synthetic intelligence and machine technological know-how.

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1x .. -�Rij· (5) The heat balance of the heat exchanger is given by (Processing area) 1) The model centers on the multistage reactor, and includes the range from reactor entry to reactol' exit The model for the cooling medium system is considered to be from the cooling medium supply line. 2) The mass flow of the melt and cooling medium are invariable. 3) The interior of the stirred tank reactor is con­ sideircd to be a model of continuous stirred tank reaciors, and the thermal capacity of the agita­ tor and shaft are ignored.

Tirred tank reactor has a cooling medium jacket.. Temperature control for the stirred tank reactors is carried out not by individual cooling medium circulatioo loops for each stirred tank reactor, but by a common cooling loop for several stirred tank reactors and heat ex­ changers. Figure la, lb shows the conventional feed­ forward/feedback control system (FF/FB control), and 7) The wall temperatures of the stirred tank reac­ tor and heat exchanger are constant. , The material balance for the stirred tank reactor is given by

L ( 1 2) Note that for r � 0 , the PWT of the exponential function is itself, the same exponential with t re­ p laced by r , weighted by a function of only the ratio of the scaling variable /3 to the time constant rr. This "eigenfunction-like" behavior for positive time shifts suggests its applicability to analysis of signals composed of decaying exponentials. For r < 0 , negative translations, the PWT has inter­ esting behavior that may be utilized for model validation . The impulse response of an over-damped , lin­ ear system is (6) where for the PWT ( Wnf)( r, /3) 't ' ( 1 /?

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