Advanced IQ Tests: The Toughest Practice Questions to Test by Philip Carter

By Philip Carter

Advanced IQ Tests is for puzzle enthusiasts who're searching for a problem. This e-book includes 360 of the main tricky perform questions designed to degree a sophisticated point of numerical, verbal, and spatial skill, logical research, lateral pondering, and challenge fixing abilities. Advanced IQ Tests turns out to be useful for somebody dealing with a graduate or managerial choice try out, however it is additionally if you happen to simply are looking to pit their talents opposed to a few of the hardest questions to be had.

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The time is 14 minutes to the hour on a clock in which the numbers on the face are shown in Roman numerals. Arrange the numerals below in the order in which they appear from the minute hand reading anti-clockwise. III XI VII IX IV 30. Which three of the four pieces below can be fitted together to form a perfect square? A B C D 38 THIS PAGE IS INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK 39 4 IQ Test Four Circle the answer(s), or write in the answer box provided. 1. I WINE ON VIP OPTION is an anagram of which two words that are similar in meaning (7, 9 letters long)?

Answer 19. When the above is folded to form a cube, just two of the following can be produced. Which two? A B D C E 20. , 4, 4, 3, 1 What number should replace the question mark? Answer IQ Test Three 35 21. Select two words that are synonyms, plus an antonym of these two synonyms, from the list of words below. sanction, define, proscribe, impel, boycott, check, articulate 22. 125 × ? 4 Complete the equation by correctly identifying the missing part of the calculation from the list of options below.

If customers like the goods, the product enables them to dislike what to look for in the trademark; if they know the future they will avoid goods with that trademark. 16. Insert numbers into the remaining blank squares so that the sums in each line and column are correct. All numbers to be inserted are less than 10. × – = 4 × + ÷ 4 = × ÷ ÷ ÷ – + 5 – = = = = = – = 4 × + + 17. Which is the odd one out? puissant, anodyne, cogent, definitive, trenchant IQ Test Five 55 18. ? Which two squares are missing?

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