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This system scholars desire; the focal point lecturers WANT!
Glencoe Algebra 2 is a key application in our vertically aligned highschool arithmetic sequence built to assist all scholars in achieving a greater realizing of arithmetic and increase their arithmetic ratings on today’s high-stakes tests.

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Your first thought might be to find the value of n and then evaluate the expression using this value. Notice that you are not required to find the value of n. Instead, you can use the Addition Property of Equality. Solve the Test Item 9 3n - 8 = _ 5 9 3n - 8 + 5 = _ +5 5 34 3n - 3 = _ 5 Original equation Add 5 to each side. 25 _ 34 _9 + 5 = _9 + _ or 5 5 5 5 The answer is A. 8 7. If 5y + 2 = _ , what is the value of 5y - 6? com Lesson 1-3 Solving Equations 21 To solve a word problem, it is often necessary to define a variable and write an equation.

If m + n = 0, what is the value of n? What is n’s relationship to m? 48. If mn = 1, what is the value of n? What is n’s relationship to m? 49. If mn = m and m ≠ 0, what is the value of n? MATH HISTORY For Exercises 50–52, use the following information. The Greek mathematician Pythagoras believed that all things could be described by numbers. By number he meant a positive integer. 50. To what set of numbers was Pythagoras referring when he spoke of numbers? c 51. Use the formula c = √2s2 to calculate the length of the hypotenuse c, or longest side, of this right triangle using 1 unit s, the length of one leg.

6 = a - 3 -14 38. 3 p - 5 = 2p 39. 3 2a + 7 = 3a + 12 40. 3x - 7 - 5 = -3 41. 16t = 4 3t + 8 42. 8, and z = -5. 43. 9 - -2x + 8 44. 3 z - 10 + 2z 45. z - x - 10y - z 46. MANUFACTURING A machine fills bags with about 16 ounces of sugar each. After the bags are filled, another machine weighs them. 3 ounce more or less than the desired weight, the bag is rejected. Write an equation to find the heaviest and lightest bags the machine will approve. EXTRA PRACTICE See pages 892, 926.

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