Allergies (21st Century Health and Wellness) by Edward Edelson

By Edward Edelson

Asthma to grass, pollen, drugs, and customary loved ones items arc frequent yet will be simply handled.

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It should then immediately be placed into a tightly closed container. Another way to destroy a wasp nest is by hosing it down vigorously. Hornet nests sometimes require professional attention, because they are often built high in a tree. A nest can be burned out or put into a sealed container and removed. A professional exterminator or fire department can handle hard-to-reach hornet nests. Beehives can be managed in the same way. If they contain honeybees, a local beekeeper may be pleased to add the hive to his or her collection.

An older method uses a stationary slide. A newer technique is to spin the slide. The newer method, which is rapidly replacing the old, gives much higher pollen counts and is regarded as more accurate. The numbers tell which method is being used. If the pollen count is in the teens, it was probably taken with a stationary slide. A count in the hundreds means a revolving slide was used. Under the new system a pollen count less than 100 is low, up to 500 is moderate, between 500 and 1,000 is high, and more than 1,000 is terrible.

Food poisoning caused by spoilage or contamination can cause symptoms that can be confused with an allergic reaction. So can some digestive diseases. The problem is compounded by the fact that allergy symptoms sometimes occur hours after a food is eaten, so that cause and effect may not be easy to establish. Another complication is that allergic reactions may be caused by contaminants or compounds used to treat or preserve food. For example, some foods may contain residues of antibiotics, insecticides, or molds, all of which can act as allergens.

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