Almost Free Modules: Set-Theoretic Methods by Paul C. Eklof

By Paul C. Eklof

This can be a longer therapy of the set-theoretic innovations that have remodeled the research of abelian team and module thought during the last 15 years. a part of the ebook is new paintings which doesn't look in different places in any shape. additionally, a wide physique of fabric which has seemed formerly (in scattered and infrequently inaccessible magazine articles) has been broadly remodeled and in lots of circumstances given new and more desirable proofs. The set thought required is punctiliously built with algebraists in brain, and the independence effects are derived from explicitly said axioms. The booklet comprises workouts and a advisor to the literature and is appropriate to be used in graduate classes or seminars, in addition to being of curiosity to researchers in algebra and common sense.

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1 11. If there is a measurable cardinal, then there is an w-measurable cardinal K such that there are exactly K wl-complete ultrafilters on K . ] 12. Suppose K is a measurable cardinal. (i) For any subset X of K of cardinality K there is a K-complete ultrafilter on K which contains X . (ii) There is a subset S of P ( K )such that S has cardinality 2" and for every X # Y in S, IX n YI < K [cf. 51. (iii) There are 2" different 6-complete ultrafilters on K .

13 I. 3 Linear topologies complete if M is Hausdorff and every Cauchy net has a (unique) limit in M . Two Cauchy nets { a u : U E U } and {bu:U E U } are equivalent if and only if for every U , au - b" E U . It is easy to see that if M is complete, then two Cauchy nets have the same limit if and only if they are equivalent. 2 Proposition. , the p-adic topology). 0 Given modules M and h;r with linear topologies, we say that 0 : M t k! is the completion of M if k! is complete and B is a n algebraic and topological embedding such that 8 [ M ]is dense i n A>.

Therefore x = b E R. (iii) Define II, to be the map from k to which takes IC = (. . ,x, rR, . ) to the element of whose pth coordinate is (xp +pR,. . , x p n +p"R,. ). It is clear that 1c, is a ring homomorphism. Moreover, II, is one-one because if +(x) = 0, then for any r , if pn divides r , then pn divides x, since x, xpn (mod p") and p" divides xpn; hence x, E rR. Finally, using the Chinese Remainder Theorem we can show that 1c, is surjective. 6 Examples. s a base of neighborhoods of 0 consisting of the subgroups n !

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