An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness by Donna Cunningham

By Donna Cunningham

Discarding the fatalism and barriers of conventional event-oriented astrology, this e-book is characterised by means of its smooth, cutting edge, and commonsense technique. In transparent, unpretentious language, Ms. Cunningham explores the deeper meanings of the planets, homes, features, and transits, emphasizing self-understanding, own development, and the significance of accepting accountability for oneself. She provides the reader particular instruments to paintings with in employing astrology to one's personal lifestyles. This booklet furthers the improvement of a favorable, sensible language with which historic astrological symbols will be understood in glossy phrases.

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The glyph reminds us also of a looking glass, and Venusian people can be preoccupied with their appearance and quite vain. Those with Venus conjunct the Sun or Ascendant and many with Libra rising are often prone to narcissism. On the other hand, Venus without the crossbar looks like a lollipop, and the crossbar might be a warning that you don't have to be a sucker in a relationship— nor should you suck the other person dry. One of the symbols for the Venus-ruled sign Libra is the old-fashioned scale in which both sides must be made to balance.

Others are real bears, with nothing running smoothly, an epidemic of computer crashes, and great difficulty in getting paperwork finished or ironing out agreements. In my observation, Mercury’s retrograde motion is not the deciding factor, but rather the aspects Mercury forms to other planets around the time it is stationary turning retrograde. From around the time it turns retrograde to the time it turns direct, it moves fairly slowly, so any difficult aspects Mercury forms will be in effect continuously for about three weeks What if your chart printout shows that you have Mercury retrograde natally?

When we use beauty, charm, or wealth to trap another person into loving us, that love will probably last only as long as the beauty or wealth it was based on. Yet for a great many men and women, these superficial Venusian traits are the basis for accepting or rejecting potential partners. The physical characteristics of each planet in our solar system seem to parallel the planet's role in our lives. The Sun represents our center, while Venus is merely one of the planets that orbits around the Sun.

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