An Index to Aquila: Greek-Hebrew, Hebrew-Greek, by Joseph Reider, Nigel Turner

By Joseph Reider, Nigel Turner

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Xxvii 19 -x- (leg. bm)3 xxvii 33 α'θ' (leg. 3Ί»9). Is. xxxiv 16 α'θ' Ier. xi 15 syr. ; N o Heb. lob xxxiv 5 Ca. iii 6 (leg. ) Nah. i 8 Ier. xiv (xxxviii) 19 syr. om. 50Ϊ r Nota άπό επί bvft Regn. IV xxiii 27 [ο'] . άπό προσώπου *ίψΐ? Gen. xiv 3 ·χ· anon. Ios. vi 1 α'σ'θ' lob xx 25 α'θ' xxiii 15 α'θ' Ps. xxvii (xxviii) 4 α'σ' lix (lx) 6 α'σ' Pr. xxx 30 α'σ'θ' Is. vii 2 (Q : έκ) 16 xxx 17 li 13 α'θ' lvii 1 lxiv 1 (lxiii 19) α'σ'θ' Ier. i 17 syr. xv 17 syr. xxiii 39 ·χ· α'σ'θ' xxxii 23 (xxv 37) ·χ· α'σ'θ' ; ^DVp 'te-bm Ier.

Lob xi 6 α'σ'; neut. TO Ps. xxiv (xxv) 14 liv (lv) 15 lxiii (lxiv) 3 lxxxviii (lxxxix) 8 Pr. xi 13 Am. iii 7 Ier. xxiii 22 syr. Ez. xiii 9 ; neut. pi. 110 lob. xv 8. άπορρίπτειν OKtt Regn. I x 19 IV xvii 15 φ xxiii 27 Ps. xxxv (xxxvi) 5 Iii (liii) 6 lxxxviii (lxxxix) 39 lob xxxi 13 Is. ν 24 vii 15 xxxi 7 Ier. xxxviii 35 (xxxi 36) syr.. άπορρίπτειν ΟΧ» Is. vii 16 syr. Ier. xiv 19 bis syr.. GREEK-HEBREW I N D E X 29 απόρροια pTS Ez. i 14. r)2 Is. vii 19. άποσβεννύναι Ps. cxvii (cxviii) 12 α'σ'.

Plur. ρΦξΠ Ca. vii 4 (5). άπόβρεξις rnttffc Num. vi 3 α'σ'. άπογινώσκειν W*T niph. Regn. I xxvii 1 Ier. ii 25 syr. ; pass. ptc. tin* (leg. tfXTl) Ier. 3 Is. xiv 22 (α')σ' Lu-RA. άποδεκατοΰν ΊΐΡΒ pi. Gen. xxviii 22 * άποδιατηρεΐν ΊΕ2 |Q Ps. lx (lxi) 8 άπό pro ]1? άποδιδόναι oVtf pi. Ps. xxx (xxxi) 24 α'ε' lxi (lxii) 13 Is. lix 18 ; Ez. xxx 12 φ α'θ'. άπόδοσις oVtf? Is. lix 18 (leg. DVt? ). άποδιδράσκειν Π*13 Gen. xxxi 27 ; ΓΠ3 hiph. Pr. xix 26. άπόθετος *pDtP Deut. xxxiii 19 Ps. xxx (xxxi) 20 α'σ'.

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