Animal abuse : helping animals and people by Catherine Tiplady; C.A.B. International

By Catherine Tiplady; C.A.B. International

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Tiplady 35 30 29 Number of alleged cases in database 27 25 20 20 17 15 12 10 10 7 7 5 3 0 0 0 0 1 3 1 Under 10 10–14 15–17 18–20 21–25 26–30 31–40 41–50 51–60 61+ Age groups Abuser Age/Gender Mapping Abuse Type: Hoarding in 2010 140 Abusers Total Male Female Fig. 3. Graph of alleged animal abuse (hoarding) cases with gender and age groups of abusers. com and the AARDAS Project (accessed 2 April 2012)). animals. g. ‘Why would I bother giving postoperative pain relief after spaying a feral cat? ’) and a preference to euthanize animals rather than perform diagnostic work-ups and treatment.

Parents widely believe that pet ownership is beneficial for children and often encourage their child’s interest in animals. Perceived benefits include (Serpell, 1999): • • • • • teaching a child responsibility; encouraging caring attitudes and behaviour; providing companionship, security and comfort; as a source of amusement; and as an outlet for affection. These benefits of pet ownership may persist into adulthood. Paul (2000) has reported a positive relationship between human-oriented and animal-oriented empathy, finding that adults who owned pets in childhood, or currently owned pets, demonstrated greater empathy than non-pet-owners.

It makes me too sad. Don’t ask me any more. I will cry into the ocean. It is essential that children’s relationships with animals are taken seriously by their parents, teachers, medical staff and veterinarians. Children and animals can suffer physically and emotionally in violent homes and may constantly live with the fear of abuse. Not only are these children more likely to abuse animals, there are long-term detrimental effects on having healthy relationships as adults. It has been found that adults who abused animals as children were more likely to accept corporal punishment and hitting wives as part of family life (Flynn, 1999).

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