Animal Lectins: A Functional View by Gerardo R. Vasta PhD, Hafiz Ahmed PhD

By Gerardo R. Vasta PhD, Hafiz Ahmed PhD

Introduces Groundbreaking techniques for Assessing Lectin Function

Lectins and their ligands are less than fairly a heavy microscope because of their strength functions to pharmacology, immunology, melanoma treatment, and agriculture. With growing to be curiosity within the glycobiology box, the physique of study regarding lectin roles has grown at an explosive price, relatively long ago twenty years. Animal Lectins: A sensible View offers the main up to date research of those carbohydrate-binding, and almost certainly lifesaving, proteins in a single accomplished quantity.

This standard-setting source offers new insights into the organic roles of such a lot animal lectins, together with their functionality in an infection prevention via innate immunity. It additionally discusses such lectin behaviors as:

  • Glycoprotein folding
  • Sorting and targeting
  • Cell adhesion
  • Embryogenesis
  • Cell-cell interactions and signaling

Describes the Structural foundation of Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions

Under the editorial assistance of 2 best protein chemistry specialists and with contributions from well-recognized box experts, this publication logically and systematically discusses either intracellular and extracellular lectin services. it's a vital springboard for destiny box study and a transparent and concise wisdom base that glycobiology, biochemistry, and immunology researchers can't have enough money to be without.

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