Anthrax (Diseases and Disorders) by Barbara Saffer

By Barbara Saffer

Discusses the ailment and its prevention in animals and the way to reply to anthrax bioweapons.

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29 The First Anthrax Weapons Research on Bacillus anthracis weapons began almost one hundred years ago. The first recorded use of anthrax bioweapons occurred during World War I (1914–1918). Germany sent saboteurs to a number of nations—including Argentina, Norway, Romania, Spain, and the United States—to infect sheep, cattle, horses, mules, and Norwegian reindeer with anthrax and glanders (another bacterial disease). The animals were either injected with microbes or fed sugar laced with germs.

In contrast, the human anthrax vaccines used in China and Russia are live-spore vaccines containing attenuated Bacillus anthracis bacteria. These vaccines—which can be injected, scratched into the skin, or administered as a spray—are thought to be very effective. ” 18 However, the live-spore vaccines can cause severe side effects in people, such as permanent injury to the nervous system, and are considered unsuitable for human use by many nations. S. Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommends anthrax vaccinations for people who may come into contact with anthrax spores, including scientists and lab workers who study Bacillus anthracis bacteria, employees in industries that use imported animal products, veterinarians working in anthraxinfected areas, and military personnel.

Many government health officials do not believe the illnesses were caused by the MDPH-AVA. However, the Rockefeller Report of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, issued in 1994, notes: Although anthrax vaccine had been considered approved prior to the Persian Gulf War, it was rarely used. Therefore, its safety, particularly when given to thousands of soldiers in conjunction with other vaccines, is not well established. Anthrax vaccine 48 Anthrax should continue to be considered as a potential cause for undiagnosed illnesses in Persian Gulf military personnel because many of the support troops [noncombat troops] received anthrax vaccine, and because the Department of Defense believes that the incidence of undiagnosed illness in support troops may be higher than in combat troops.

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