Applications of Decision-Aiding Software by Stuart S. Nagel

By Stuart S. Nagel


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A GP model specifically designed for analyzing community energy decisions, called Options, is available from John Laitner, Economic Research Associates, 1221 North 54th St, Lincoln, NE 68504 (402), 466-8272. 3 Evaluating Juvenile Offender Programs Albert R. Roberts and Philip Schervish Many different types of juvenile offender treatment programs have emerged during the past decade. One of the primary concerns among policy makers and high-level administrators in juvenile justice is the cost-effectiveness and cost-benefits of juvenile treatment programs.

Talhelm and Eric J. Fitch, for Clearwater Consulting Corporation, Lansing, MI: 1987c). , "Rational Policy Analysis: Normative Foundations", Public Productivity Review, n42, Summer 47-54 (1987). , A vailability Analysis: a Guide to Efficient Energy Use (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1982). , "Evaluation Analysis with Microcomputers", Public Productivity Review, n42, Summer 67-80 (1987). , Policy Analysis with Microcomputers (Westport, CN: Greenwood-Quorum Press, 1988). , "Updating Microcomputers and Public Policy Analysis", Public Productivity Review, v11, n3, Spring, 117-22 (1988).

An energy-specific GP model developed by Lee, Laitner, and Yu provides a pre-packaged microcomputer program decision makers can use to select among alternative communitybased energy supply or conservation options. 5 Both GP and P/G% are general decision-aiding techniques that allow analysis of several options or alternatives, based on multiple criteria or objectives that are measured on different units or scales. They can solve to select the best single alternative or policy decision, or they can be used to derive an optimum budget allocation among alternative categories.

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