Armenian: Modern Eastern Armenian by Jasmine Dum-Tragut

By Jasmine Dum-Tragut

This grammar of contemporary jap Armenian offers an actual and particular description of the jap Armenian language of the Republic of Armenia. It covers not just the normative culture yet, extra importantly, additionally describes the colloquial language because it is utilized in Armenia at the present time. with reference to methodological procedure and terminology it absolutely meets the calls for of contemporary common linguistics and typology.

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A˚rak’elyan, Xač’atryan, Eloyan 1979: 120) even argue that a pronunciation of this cluster without schwa epenthesis “has already become the norm”.   Armenian as such, it has now entered normative and written Eastern Armenian, as can be seen from the examples below. 40 In general, there is a strong tendency to pronounce all loan words with the initial two ­consonant cluster without any schwa epenthesis. 2006) Ilham Aliew-i xosk’-ov ir erkr-i Ilham Aliew-dat word-inst his country-dat hamberut’yun-n spa˚r-v-um ē.

1979: 24. Vaux 1998 and others argue for uvular fricatives. . This seems to be a controversial approach in Armenian linguistics. Whereas in most traditional grammars and even in school grammars Standard Modern Eastern Armenian is said to represent velar fricatives [x] [>] with the graphemes Ë x and Õ ł and thus also reflects the supposed Classical Armenian consonant system; newer Western grammars tend to see uvular fricatives as realizations of Ë x and Õ ł.  Armenian based on the Yerevan dialect, but according to normative grammars, SMEA shows no glottalised voiceless plosives.

J7ópfn‚fnthi] Stand. Ïáñá߻٠korošem [kfnfw7m] “I shall decide” versus Coll. [k6‚fnfw7m] Stand. ãáñáß»óÇ č’orošec’i [twhfnfw7tshi] “I did not decide” versus Coll. [[twh(6)‚ fnfw7tshi] The colloquial realisation with a glide is, however, very frequent and widespread and has even entered into public speech – it seems to be highly conventional. Chapter 1. g. 19 3. The schwa phoneme Á ě [6] The Armenian schwa is realised as a mid central vowel. The orthography of this schwa is, unfortunately, not clear.

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