Artifical intelligence through Prolog by Neil C. Rowe

By Neil C. Rowe

Man made Intelligence via Prolog booklet

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An approach to translation that is based on the translation of poetry would likely be very different from an approach based on the translation of technical documentation for complex machines. Bible translation has its own tradition, which may not apply to all other types of texts. Robinson (1991) suggests that the entire literal/free debate is misguided because it is trapped within a long-standing tradition of treating meaning as transcendent and disembodied. He suggests a somatic approach as a true alternative to continuing the literal/free debate.

For example, if the preceding word is a personal pronoun, such as 'she', then cut is probably a verb, while if the preceding word is a possessive pronoun, such as 'his', then 'cut' is probably a noun. But what about the sentence 'her knife cut well but his cut poorly, since it was dull'? The word 'cut' is clearly a verb even though it is preceded by a possessive pronoun. Unfortunately, the more one works on such problems, the more complex they appear. However, Weaver had not actually tried to develop a machine translation system when he wrote his memo; therefore, he had not yet encountered such difficulties.

Here structural information from analysis about what modifies what may be used to decide how to inflect a word. 17. Word order is rearranged according to the conventions of the target language. Here again the structural information from analysis is used. For example, in German, part of a verb phrase will normally be found at the end of a clause, as in: Er mußte erkennen, daß sie völlig überfordert war, und so sagte er. "He had to recognize that she was totally overwhelmed, and he said so". Or more literally, using German word order: "He had to recognize that she totally overwhelmed was, and so said he".

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