Atoms, Electrons and the Periodic Table (1997)(en)(36s) by Lower S. K.

By Lower S. K.

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Van der Waals radius is the effective radius of adjacent atoms which are not chemically bonded in a solid, but are presumably in “contact”. An example would be the distance between the iodine atoms of adjacent I2 molecules in crystalline iodine. 4. Ionic radius is the effective radius of ions in solids such as NaCl. It is easy enough to measure the distance between adjacent rows of Na+ and Cl– ions in such a crystal, but there is no unambiguous way to decide what parts of this distance are attributable to each ion.

The effect of increasing nuclear charge on the radius is clearly seen. Figure 10 8+ 9+ 10+ 11+ 12+ O2– F– Ne Na+ Mg2+ Relative radii of members of an isoelectronic series. Periodic trends in ion formation Chemical reactions are based largely on the interactions between the most loosely bound electrons in atoms, so it is not surprising that the tendency of an atom to gain or lose electrons is one of its fundamental chemical properties. Ionization energy This term always refers to the formation of positive ions.

Polarizability and polarizing power The symmetrical pictures of atomic electron clouds that you have seen apply only to isolated atoms and ions. In the presence of an external electrostatic field, these electron clouds will be deformed, with the electron density being concentrated toward a positive charge and away from a negative charge. Polarizability is a measure of the ease with which an external electric field is able to distort the charge cloud of an Page 35 Chem1 Atoms, electrons, and the Periodic Table atom or molecule (thus polarizability is not exclusively an atomic property).

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