Basic Set Theory by A. Shen, Nikolai Konstantinovich Vereshchagin

By A. Shen, Nikolai Konstantinovich Vereshchagin

The most notions of set conception (cardinals, ordinals, transfinite induction) are primary to all mathematicians, not just to people who focus on mathematical common sense or set-theoretic topology. uncomplicated set idea is mostly given a short evaluate in classes on research, algebra, or topology, although it is adequately very important, fascinating, and easy to benefit its personal leisurely therapy.

This e-book presents simply that: a leisurely exposition for a different viewers. it really is compatible for a wide diversity of readers, from undergraduate scholars to specialist mathematicians who are looking to ultimately discover what transfinite induction is and why it's consistently changed by means of Zorn's Lemma.

The textual content introduces all major matters of "naive" (nonaxiomatic) set idea: capabilities, cardinalities, ordered and well-ordered units, transfinite induction and its functions, ordinals, and operations on ordinals. incorporated are discussions and proofs of the Cantor-Bernstein Theorem, Cantor's diagonal strategy, Zorn's Lemma, Zermelo's Theorem, and Hamel bases. With over a hundred and fifty difficulties, the ebook is an entire and obtainable advent to the topic.

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Basic Set Theory

The most notions of set idea (cardinals, ordinals, transfinite induction) are basic to all mathematicians, not just to those that concentrate on mathematical good judgment or set-theoretic topology. simple set conception is mostly given a quick evaluation in classes on research, algebra, or topology, although it is satisfactorily vital, fascinating, and easy to advantage its personal leisurely remedy.

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Sets and Their Cardinalities Problem 52. Prove that for any uncountable set A ⊂ R there exists a condensation point a such that any neighborhood of a has an uncountable intersection with A. ) Problem 53. Prove that a closed set A ⊂ R that has no isolated points has the cardinality of the continuum. Problem 54. Prove that any closed set A ⊂ R is either countable (or finite) or has the cardinality of the continuum. , points b such that every neighborhood of b has an uncountable intersection with A.

Problem 65. Explain the following computation: c + c = 1 × c + 1 × c = 2 × c = 21 × 2ℵ0 = 21+ℵ0 = 2ℵ0 = c. Problem 66. Prove that ℵ0 × c = c. 8. Operations on cardinals 39 These properties of cardinals are useful together with the Cantor– Bernstein Theorem. For example, note that c = 2ℵ0 ≤ ℵ0 ℵ0 ≤ cℵ0 = c; therefore ℵ0 ℵ0 = c (the set of all infinite sequences of natural numbers has the cardinality of the continuum). Problem 67. The latter computation has implicitly used the monotonicity of exponentiation (a1 ≤ a2 implies ab1 ≤ ab2 ).

We come to the following definition: A relation F ⊂ A × B is called a (partial) function from A to B if F does not contain two pairs a, b1 and a, b2 with b1 = b2 . In other terms, F is a (partial) function from A to B if for any a ∈ A there exists at most one element b ∈ B such that a, b ∈ F . The domain Dom F of the function F is the set of all a ∈ A for which such b exists. For any a ∈ Dom F we may regard the value of F at a as the (only) element b ∈ B such that a, b ∈ F . This element is denoted by F (a).

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