Beschreibung der bekanntesten Kupfermunzen. 3 band by Josef Neumann

By Josef Neumann

Описание медных монет мира. Третий том включает в себя монеты Азии, Африки и обеих Америк. В этом томе - около forty фототаблиц с монетами.

Если бы еще первый том найти, было бы совсем замечательно.

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CRS609: VF £100/$180 59 The Roman Empire MAXIMINUS I - 235 - 238 AD Obverse A Obverse B CRS610a: VF £35/$63 CRS610b: VF £35/ $63 CRS611: VF £35/$63 CRS612: VF £35/ $63 * PAULINA Wife of Maximinus – commemorative coins only, possibly died before Maximinus’ accession Obverse A CRS613: VF £300/$540 CRS614: VF £300/$540 * MAXIMUS - Caesar 235 - 238 AD Son of Maximinus I Obverse A Obverse B GORDIAN I 238 AD 22nd CRS615: VF £160/$288 * CRS616: VF £150/$270 GORDIAN II 238 AD Proclaimed in North Africa March 238, died 12th April 238 Son of Gordian I Proclaimed in North Africa 22nd March 238, died 12th April 238 CRS617: VF £800/$1440 CRS618: VF £800/$1440 * These two Emperors use the same Obverse legend.

Therefore the different obverses are listed first, followed by just a sample few reverses. What the reverse happens to be will not usually affect the price except in cases of special interest. GALBA - 68 - 69 AD From 9th June 68 AD – 15th January 69 AD Obverse A Obverse B CRS378: VF £300/ $540 With Obverse A Obverse C CRS379: VF £300/ $540 * With Obverse C Obverse D Obverse E CRS380: VF £252/$455 Quinarius OTHO - 69 AD From 15th January 69 AD – 17th April 69 AD Obverse A CRS381: VF £500/ $900 CRS382: VF £500/ $900 Obverse B CRS383: VF £500/ $900 CRS384: VF £500/ $900 35 The Roman Empire VITELLIUS - 69 AD Proclaimed in Germany, 2nd January 69 AD – 20th December 69 AD Obverse A Obverse B Obverse C Obverse D CRS385: VF £300/$540 CRS386: VF £300/$540 CRS387: VF £300/ $540 * CRS388: VF £300/$540 CRS389: VF £300/$540 CRS390: VF £900+/ $1620+ Vitellius’ Children Anonymous Coins of the Civil War Period 68 – 69 AD At first sight some of these 68 - 69AD types (there are many types; but all are fairly uncommon) may be confused with the Republican series.

She died 59 AD. CRS375 and CRS376 were minted during the reign of Claudius. 34 The Roman Empire CLODIUS MACER - 68 AD Rebelled against Nero April 68AD, died October 68 AD CRS377: VF Very rare and highly priced NOTE: From this reign onwards, obverse legends become greatly varied, as do reverse types! However, for the collector it is normally far more important to work out which Emperor a coin should be attributed to, rather that what the reverse type is. Therefore the different obverses are listed first, followed by just a sample few reverses.

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