Biblical Motifs. Origins and Transformations by Alexander Altmann (ed.)

By Alexander Altmann (ed.)

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Psalm 132 : 8 reads Imnwfitk, II Chronicles 6 : 41 Inwhk. Read Inwhtk ; mnwht is read in the Psalm by anticipation (cf. v. 14); the shorter reading is better metrically. In Ugaritic, nht is used precisely of a royal throne: yatibu la-kissi' mulki la-nhti la-kah{i darkati He sits on the throne of kingship, on the seat, the chair of dominion. The above is taken from Text 127: 23-24 (a KRT text); cf. 51,1, 34 and 123 :18; and the AJiiram Inscription, where nht is in parallelism with (itr msp(h and ks' mlkh.

Williams, Wilderness and Paradise in Christian Thought (New York, 1962), p. 17. See also Meyer, Die Israeliten, p. 136. 15. Ancient Israel, p. 14; also W. F. Albright, "Primitivism in Western Asia," in A Documentary History of Primitivism and Related Ideas, ed. A. O. Lovejoy, G. Chinard, G. Boas, R. S. Crane (Baltimore, 1935), I, 429-431. 34 Shemaryahu Talmoti II I propose to challenge the desert ideal theory on two counts. First, the assumed existence in Biblical society of a reform movement that advocated a "return to the original nomad status," supposedly represented by the Rechabites, and echoed in prophetic teaching, is based on historical premises and on sociological comparisons which cannot be upheld without farreaching qualifications.

Go out from her midst, cleanse yourselves ! Ye who bear the vessels of Yahweh ; For you go out not in haste, Nor go in flight : For Yahweh goes before you, The God of Israel your rear guard. In these and other passages, 63 it is necessary to recognize the wedding of two themes: one derived from the ritual Conquest, one from the procession of the Ark to Zion and the manifestation of Yahweh's kingship. (4) Late Prophetic eschatology was born of this wedding of the kingship and Conquest themes in the cultus.

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