Bottom Turbulence, Proceedings of The 8th International by Jaques C.J. Nihoul (Eds.)

By Jaques C.J. Nihoul (Eds.)

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R. Sci. LiSge, S 6 r . 6 , 1966. Geophys. J . R . Astr. , 2, 143-180. 11, 103-110. , 1966. Izv. Atm. and Oceanic Phys.. Lesser, K . M . , 1951. Trans. Amer. Geophys. , 2, 32, 956-969. 207-211. , 1970. Journal of the Hydraulics Division, ASCE, N'HY3, 725-743. 96, Munk, 1 J . H . , 276-295. 7, 1948. , 1966. J. XII, 545 p p . , I 15-1 25. Thomas, J . H . , 142. 1973. M6m. SOC. R. S c i . LiSge, S6r. 6 , 1975. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 6, 5, 136- TABLE I. Values of eddy viscosity used in the numerical experiments.

4. 25) 1 . 0 , at times t = 5 , 10, 7 5 hours. Origin of vector marked by small cross. O. 5. The vertical cross sections through the basin, illustrate the initial high currents in the upper layer, accompanied by up-welling at the southern end of the basin, and down-welling at the northern end. After 7 5 hours only the ver- tical components of current adjacent to the basin walls have a n appreciable magnitude, the circulation pattern being characterised by a flow in the upper layer, at a slight angle to the WIND 1,I \ \ \ \\\\\\ !

In this way, the accuracy and stability of the pre- sent approach has been tested. Application has here been restricted to a simple rectangular sea of constant depth. However, extension to the physi- cally more realistic situation of a varying bottom topography has been described. Bottom friction and eddy viscosity may be varied in an arbitrary manner in the horizontal. Thus here is a considerable degree of flexibility in the choice of these parameters which marks a n advance on earlier formulations.

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