Breakup by D. Stabenow

By D. Stabenow

Kate reveals herself curious about a homicide research after a physique is located close to her abode and, during the suggestions of her Aleut grandmother's spirit, she assumes the position of extended family chief and takes on significant tasks to assist her people."

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It wasn't as tall or as steep as the bank down to the outcropping, but it was still taller than she 5 was and lined along its edge with a tangled section of alder and diamond willow, with no line to aid her ascent. Mutt barked again, and again Kate yelled, "NO! " without turning around, because she purely hated turning her back on a bear. She took another step back and began to speak in what she hoped was a soothing monotone. "It's okay, girl, it's all right, you're between me and your cubs, I can't get to them, it's all right, I mean you no harm, settle down now and I'll get out of your face, just calm down and-" There was another roar from the grizzly and she dropped down on all four feet with a tremendous splash and charged again, water fountaining up on either side.

There's usually a pattern to the way debris scatters in an incident like this one. " He paused. " "A dead body," John Stewman said for the third time. He had regained his composure and he was patient and apologetic but firm. " He glanced back at Selina and Brandon. " Kate stared at him. He wasn't joking. She sat down heavily upon the doorstep. Mutt, concerned, deserted her post near the woodpile and trotted forward to nose at her cheek. Kate put an arm around her neck and rested her forehead against the thick gray fur.

But for now, no bears, no bogeymen, not even any porcupines. Mutt came to stand next to Kate in the doorway. Against her knee, Kate could feel her quivering with unease. She knotted her fingers in the stiff gray ruff and gave it a reassuring tug. " Mutt was looking up. Kate looked from her anxious yellow eyes to the sky. The hum of the jet engine was still there, although it sounded odd, a kind of increasing whine. "There's nothing out here, girl," she told Mutt. " Still, she took a long last look around before pulling the door shut, and she didn't rack the rifle, standing it instead against the doorjamb.

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