Building a Digital Forensic Laboratory: Establishing and by Andrew Jones, Craig Valli

By Andrew Jones, Craig Valli

The necessity to professionally and effectively behavior desktop forensic investigations of incidents and crimes hasn't ever been better. This has triggered an elevated requirement for info concerning the construction and administration of machine forensic laboratories and the investigations themselves. This contains a nice desire for info on the best way to cost-effectively identify and deal with a working laptop or computer forensics laboratory. This publication meets that want: a essentially written, non-technical publication concerning machine forensics with emphasis at the institution and administration of a working laptop or computer forensics laboratory and its next aid to effectively carrying out computer-related crime investigations. * offers information on growing and dealing with a working laptop or computer forensics lab * Covers the regulatory and legislative setting within the US and Europe * Meets the desires of IT execs and legislation enforcement in addition to experts

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In this way, the security professional, consultant, or private investigator who is going to be the manager of a unit can have an understanding of the issues that need to be considered when creating a digital forensic laboratory for an agency or corporation, whether this is as a fee-earning business or as an additional capability for the organization. This section is focused on the individual manager or aspirant who is to build such a digital forensic laboratory for an agency or a corporation. The issues that have been addressed have been approached from a management perspective to support the individual who will be responsible for such a unit using the basic philosophies of management and business.

Legal Aspects of Digital Forensics Anyone responsible for the management of computer or network security must be aware of the legal implications of digital forensic activity. Security professionals must consider the policies they define and implement and the technical actions these necessitate in the context of existing laws. For instance, you must have appropriate authorization before you initiate the monitoring and collection of information related to a computer intrusion. There are also legal ramifications to using a range of security monitoring tools.

The US-CERT defines digital forensics as: …the discipline that combines elements of law and digital science to collect and analyze data from digital systems, networks, wireless communications, and storage devices in a way that is admissible as evidence in a court of law. The point that all these definitions make is that digital forensics is not just about science, but also about the law. A failure to satisfy either aspect will mean that any investigation has failed. Digital evidence is obtained from digital devices and associated peripheral devices through the application of digital investigation and analysis techniques, the data from which is preserved in a scientifically sound manner in an electronic form.

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