Business Mathematics by Burton S. Kaliski (Auth.)

By Burton S. Kaliski (Auth.)

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A stereo system listed at $960 is sold with discounts of 33j%, 10%, and 5%. Calculate the net purchase price using the method of complements. 6. 1, find the net purchase price equivalent rates for the following discounts. (a) 10-10 (b) 40-15 (c) 20-5 (d) 25-20-5 (e) 20-16§-10 (f) 20-15-10 Buying 61 7. 1, find the net purchase price in each of the following problems: (a) $420 less 20-2J (b) $300 less 50-5 (c) $2,000 less 20-10-71 (d) $500 less 25-10-10 (e) $960 less 33J-10-5 It is often important to the seller to be paid by the buyer as soon as possible.

56 made on August 31, 1982, does not appear on the bank statement. 83 are outstanding. 50 for a service charge. 21. 19 is correct. 22. Complete the following payroll summary by using addition and subtraction: Mara Corporation Payroll Summary July, 1982 Employee No. 50 $ $ $ $ $ $ TOTAL 4 Overtime Pay = Total Pay " Net Pay Deductions The Basic Skills 23. Add. Round as directed. 0412 (nearest (nearest (nearest tenth) hundredth) tenth) 24. 75 33 S Base, Rate, and Percentage In the pages that follow, mathematical techniques will be used to solve specific types of business problems.

Draw an invoice form similar to the one in Sample Problem 3. Record and calculate the total list price of the following purchase: On July 17, Ms. 20 per ream. Delivery by truck will be made on Warner's Invoice 87 on August 3, with 30-day payment terms. If a firm decides to lower its list prices, it has two means of notifying its customers. One is to print a new price list or catalog, an expensive procedure. The other choice is to issue a note to buyers that a stated percent is to be deducted from every list price.

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