Calculation of Demographic Parameters in Tropical Livestock by Matthieu Lesnoff

By Matthieu Lesnoff

Having symptoms to evaluate the influence of zootechnical, sanitary, monetary or political intervention or the effect of environmental dangers makes it attainable to attract up concepts for making improvements to family animal populations. This instruction manual is a compilation of the most strategies in terms of the definition and calculation of demographic charges for mostly non-intensive tropical animal farms. it really is meant to be academic, and will support scholars, technicians, engineers, researchers and improvement employees to appreciate the definitions and formulation encountered within the literature extra in actual fact and lead them to extra self-sufficient when it comes to analyses.

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22) becomes: nc D n mdea Á mtot 2 The number mcen D mtot mdea aggregates all the removals except deaths and represents the censored data for mortality. 1 Parturition and Abortion Rates Definitions are presented for a given cell or aggregation of cells. Calculations are the same for parturitions and abortions. We only describe the first. In the age-class framework (Sect. ). In contrast with mortality or offtake, occurrence of parturition does not imply removal of the female from the herd. Consequently, to observe several events in the cell for the same female is possible.

The full additive and compensation hypotheses represent two extreme situations, but all trade-offs can be met in the field. Compensations in mortality rates are difficult to detect and estimate when many other factors are sources of variability in mortality. In general, they are neglected for species with high survivals [56]. This is the case with livestock species and, for this reason, compensations have not 24 3 Mortality and Offtake Rates Fig. 4 Variation of the crude mortality probability pdea when the offtake (poff ) increases, under the full additivity hypothesis between hazard rates hdea and hoff .

2 Prolificacy, Stillbirth and Female-at-Birth Rates The prolificacy rate is the mean number of offspring (born alive, plus stillborn) obtained per parturition. It can be estimated by: b mpar prol D where mpar is the number of parturitions observed and b the number of offspring obtained from these parturitions (b D bali C bsti , where bali and bsti are the numbers of offspring born alive and stillborn, respectively). The stillbirth rate is the probability that an offspring is stillborn. It can be estimated by: psti D bsti b The female-at-birth rate is the probability for an offspring born alive to be a female.

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