Can We Start Again?: The Patterns & Techniques of by Daryll Scott

By Daryll Scott

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A is classified as a light square; B is classified as a dark square. This is often described as an optical illusion, but there is nothing optical about it. In terms of the light falling on the retina and stimulating the optic nerve A and B are the same. It is the comparative evaluation and classification of A and B that corrupts our FA experience. I think for this imposition as a two-way street as our interpretation of our FA experience creates the rules and boundaries of the ' map'. 50 1. The Science Bit ?.

Despite challenge from the conventional scientific community, NLP has not gone away; in fact it continues to grow. I believe there is a need for more critical study of NLP, and many 'definitions' of NLP provided by qualified Practitioners or trainers (often with the intention of marketing) are so un-scientific that they serve to discredit the discipline altogether. Many of my own explicit definitions are barely competent. My immediate comments on this subject would be: There is a difference between not proven and disproved - NLP is a relatively new science and there is simply not enough serious research into the field at present.

It is possible to change people's perceptions later, and it's easier if you don't need to. Have you ever had the experience of talking to someone for the first time and feeling that you have made a connection with them straight away; something just 'clicks', they look like the kind of person you can 'get on with', you seem to see things the same way and find them easy to understand. Maybe it's something you can see in them, perhaps it's what they say, often you just get a feeling about someone or sometimes they think the same way as you do.

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