Carnap’s Logical Syntax of Language by Pierre Wagner (eds.)

By Pierre Wagner (eds.)

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While this ebook used to be initially released in 2006, Epistemetrics used to be no longer as but a scholarly self-discipline. in regards to clinical details there has been the self-discipline of scientometrics, represented by means of a magazine of that very identify. technological know-how, even though, had a monopoly on wisdom. even though it is one in all our most vital cognitive assets, it's not our just one.

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If he wants to formalize let us say arithmetic, he will probably equip language L with an individual constant to be interpreted by zero, a one-place function symbol to be interpreted by the successor function, a two-places function symbol for addition . . and he will also make clear that the intended universe of discourse is the set of natural numbers. Yet, L is a non-interpreted language and there are an infinite number of L-structures which, except in special cases, are not isomorphic to the intended interpretation.

In each case, the presentation of the syntactical characteristics of the language precedes the definition of semantic concepts. Introduction 19 The vocabulary of languages for propositional logic contains i. parentheses and symbols for propositional connectives (¬: negation, ∧: conjunction, ∨: disjunction, →: conditional . ) as logical symbols and ii. propositional letters (p, q . ) as non-logical symbols. The vocabulary of languages for first-order logic contains i. parentheses, comma, symbols for propositional connectives, individual variables (x, y .

E. e. function symbols) is restricted by the fact that only bounded operators are used in their definition, or in the definition of the expressions used in their definition. So Language I, in which all variables are numerical (z, Zahlvariablen) and all individual constants are numerals (‘0’, ‘0l ’, ‘0ll ’. . abbreviated as ‘0’, ‘1’, ‘2’ . ), has only bounded universal and existential quantifiers, and the only way to express unlimited universality is the use of free variables (LSL, p. 21). A ‘least number’ operator (K-operator) is introduced but also bounded: (K z1 )Z1 (S1 ) means: the smallest number z1 up to number Z1 such that sentence S1 is true, and if no such number exists, 0 (LSL, pp.

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