Cave and Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality by Michael Harner

By Michael Harner

In 1980, Michael Harner blazed the path for the global revival of shamanism along with his seminal vintage The method of the Shaman. In this long-awaited sequel, he presents new proof of the truth of heavens.

Drawing from a life of own shamanic stories and greater than 2,500 stories of Westerners’ reports in the course of shamanic ascension, Harner highlights the outstanding similarities among their discoveries, indicating that the heavens and spirits they’ve encountered do certainly exist. He additionally presents directions on his cutting edge core-shamanism innovations, in order that readers can also ascend to heavenly nation-states, search spirit academics, and go back later at will for added therapeutic and suggestion.

Written through the top authority on shamanism, Cave and Cosmos is a must-read not just for these drawn to shamanism, but additionally for these drawn to spirituality, comparative faith, near-death stories, therapeutic, awareness, anthropology, and the character of reality.

Praise for Michael Harner and The method of the Shaman
“What Yogananda did for Hinduism and D. T. Suzuki did for Zen, Michael Harner has performed for shamanism—namely, carry the culture and its richness to Western awareness.”
—from Higher Wisdom, through Roger Walsh and Charles S. Grob
“Wonderful, fascinating.… Harner relatively understands what he’s speaking about.”
—Carlos Castaneda, best-selling writer of The Teachings of Don Juan and The lively aspect of Infinity
“An intimate and useful consultant to the artwork of shamanic therapeutic and the expertise of the sacred. Michael Harner isn't just an anthropologist who has studied shamanism; he's an genuine white shaman.”
—Stanislav Grof, writer of The event of Self-Discovery
“Harner has impeccable credentials, either as an educational and as a practising shaman. absolutely (since the hot dying of Mircea Eliade) the world’s major authority on shamanism.”
—Nevill Drury, writer of The components of Shamanism
“Michael Harner is a brilliant shaman. He additionally proves individual should be either a scientist and a shaman.”
—Bo Bair Rinchinov, Siberian Buryat shaman

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This book would have been impossible without their help. I especially thank those whose experiences were drawn from the SKC archives in recent years for the Celestia Study. A lifetime of acknowledgments almost book length in themselves is due to the multitude of persons and peoples who helped me on the long path to Cave and Cosmos. To be practical, however, I reluctantly restrict myself now to expressing my thanks for assistance received by the Foundation primarily during the last half-decade or so for various purposes, including staffing, indigenous assistance, the SKC, and work on this book.

As the cosmographic reports contained in this book are important contributions to shamanic knowledge in and of themselves, I do not attempt in the limited space here to make comparisons to the accounts of near-death survivors, nor to the firsthand journey experiences of indigenous shamans, the latter being surprisingly scarce. I recognize the importance of these and other comparative studies and urge that they be undertaken. The work in your hands is intended, among other things, to encourage just such investigations.

Otherwise, it was better never to have entered the cave at all. There were other things I would also have to do before the night ended. Surrounded by dense darkness, I felt completely isolated from the land of the living. Two kinds of fear wrestled within me. The lesser fear was that nothing would happen during this solitary night underground. After all, I did not belong to the indigenous North American people west of the Rocky Mountains who had practiced this ancient method of obtaining specific spiritual powers.

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