Celebrating Soul: Preparing for the New Religion (Studies in by Lawrence Jaffe

By Lawrence Jaffe

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2000. Discernible on the horizon are the first traces of light from a new sun, the new religion, whose central value is that of consciousness. Jungian psychology acknowledges and promotes this value in both the individual and the collective. Although the first part of this book is specifically devoted to delineating aspects of the new religion, the reader may begin anywhere because capsule descriptions of it are scattered throughout. Devotional Practices for the New Religion This book had its inception in my own inability to stay in touch with the inner world despite my religious temperament and my vocation as a psychologist, both of which put me in daily contact with the eternal images.

Jung's term for this power is the Self. The religious term is God. A relation to the Self grants us an indestructible inner authority. <><><><><><><><><><><><> The Jungian myth posits that the consciousness we achieve in our lives is redemptive. Consciousness or awareness affects not only those close to us but, mysteriously, the whole world: past, present and future. We share the same nature as the cosmos and exert an ongoing and reciprocal influence upon it. Hence our conscious- 19 Plato, Apology, in The Works of Plato, p.

A major tenet of the new religion is that our human attempt to be as aware as possible contributes to the evolution and differentiation of the God-image. 16 Edward F. Edinger, personal communication. 17 Clement of Alexandria, Paedagogus, III, 1, quoted by Jung in Aion, CW 9ii, par. 347. 18 "Answer to Job," Psychology and Religion, CW 11, par. 617. Page 24 Psychologically, God-image and God cannot be distinguished because scientific statements can be made only about things we have experienced in some fashion.

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