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This type of "hidden aspect" can be found between any of the elements, providing they follow the sequential order of the Zodiac. Many astrologers use wider orbs; they allow up to 14 degrees for aspects involving the Sun or Moon, and 10 degrees for planets in aspect to each other. In the authors' combined experience of eighty-four years in counseling and teaching, they have observed subtle leanings with these wide orbs; however, they are not overtly active or expressed in the life. The more exact the aspect, the stronger will be the expression of that which is promised in the aspect.

Because there are 30° in each sign, there are occasions when the Midheaven or Ascendant will change signs in the tables. When this happens, the tables will list the change where it first occurs (in reading a row from left to right) and is recorded in the tables-at either 0° or 1° of a particular sign. · Usually, the Midheaven and Ascendant signs will be found on the far-left "Calendar Date" column. Accuracy of Tables for Births Worldwide These Tables only provide an accurate Midheaven (10th House cusp) and Ascendant (Rising Sign) for those born on or near the 42nd Parallel of North Latitude.

AstrolOgical symbols were conceived and developed in the hieroglyphic era, and they are by far the most widely known and used in the world. In astrology this code or shorthand must be memorized. For instance, Zodiac of Astrologers Versus Zodiac of Astronomers 17 CAPRICORN SAGITTARIUS AQUARIUS ARIES LIBRA 12 cr t - - - - - - - - GEMINI ------------------~~ § CANCER it is much easier and faster to write the symbol ,r. than it is to write the eleven-lettered word Sagittarius, although they signify exactly the same thing.

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