Chemical Plant and its Operation. Including Safety and by T. M. Cook, D. J. Cullen

By T. M. Cook, D. J. Cullen

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Foxing to few pages and web page edges. Pages are fresh and binding is tight. reliable booklet.

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They consist of a basket or cage, mounted horizontally or vertically, with holes in the side, which is rotated at a speed such that the centrifugal force throws the contents outwards. In a domestic "spin drier" the holes are large enough to allow the water to pass but not the clothes. The same principle is applied with a slurry but a filter cloth is fitted inside the basket to retain the solids in the suspension. It is usual to fit a coarsewire gauze behind the cloth to increase the area available for the liquid to be thrown out.

Towers Towers, or columns, are used in a variety of chemical processes, principally distillation, scrubbing, washing, separation, and gas or liquid absorption. It is usually required that some form of packing be used to increase the surface area of a liquid presented to a gas, when moving in opposite directions (see Chapter 4). The tower must, therefore, -be constructed so that the packing is supported without being crushed under its own weight and the supports leave a large enough area for free passage without permitting the packing to fall through.

The number of plates and frames used may be varied, and their order of assembly is often indicated by markings stamped on the outer edges. The slurry is fed into the press by a p u m p and when the specified pressure is Chemical Plant Frame / Plate / Frame 47 Plate / _ / . Filtrate out Filter Slurry in FIG. 6. Plate and frame filter. reached the press is full. With this type of filter the cake can be subjected to compressed air which will remove most of the filtrate and dry the cake to a friable state.

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