Chill. Stress-Reducing Techniques for a More Balanced, by Deborah Reber

By Deborah Reber

Your day starts off at 6am and ends at midnight—if you are lucky.
You stay alongside of all 2 hundred of your mates on Facebook.
You essentially invented the notice "multitasking."
Sound familiar?  you are not alone.  you're a part of the main overscheduled, overprogrammed, and beaten iteration at the planet.  And sit back may also help deal with it all!  it truly is only a subject of getting the perfect body of mind.  So chill out, take a deep breath...and kick back.

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It’s Monday night, and you just realized you have three separate assignments due on Friday. You can’t afford to flake out on any of them.  .  break down each assignment into mini-tasks and create a clear plan for completing each one over the next three days.  decide to focus on one assignment from start to finish before giving the other two a second thought. Once you complete one, you can get started on the next. Hopefully, by the end of the week you’ll have gotten it all done.  It’s your last chance to study before your final, but it’s also the night of the two-hour season finale of your favorite show.

Then you might have been trained to do the same. No wonder stressing out can be a hard habit to break. Lastly, there are the stressors that come from challenges that arise within the family unit, any one of which could turn your world upside down in a heartbeat, such as: ■ having your parents divorce or remarry ■ being shuttled back and forth between homes ■ having a parent lose their job and seeing your family tossed into financial uncertainty ■ facing the sickness or death of a family member ■ having a sibling go through a crisis ■ having a parent in trouble with the law ■ living in a home where there is physical and/or emotional abuse ■ having a lousy relationship with your parents ■ witnessing family members fight ■ having to move to another town, state, or country What stresses do you experience in your family life?

There could be so many cures for sicknesses from the plants, and they also give us a huge amount of oxygen. —MADDY, AGE 13 I hear all kinds of stuff about global warming, like how New York may be underwater if oceans rise too much and how those poor polar bears are losing all their ice. It really makes me scared. —HOPE, AGE 12 Climate change, genocide, war, famine, natural disasters, health epidemics, violence in your neighborhood or community—there’s no shortage of global and local issues to put your body and mind into stress overdrive.

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