Clan of the Goddess by C. C. Brondwin

By C. C. Brondwin

Just like the early Celtic extended family moms, who inspired ladies to be convinced and spunky, this ebook is helping ladies to think within the female divine inside their souls. With irrepressible humor and pleasant aptitude, the writer illustrates the elemental rules of Goddess teachings so readers can increase steadfast religion of their own strength and use those newfound abilities to complement their lives. Weaving a wealthy tapestry of genuine Celtic knowledge with the brilliant-colored threads of brand new result-oriented visualization and motivational recommendations, this publication increases wisdom whereas accelerating the religious adventure. It takes the reader on a satisfying trip of private transformation and invitations her locate her energy base--her magick, to unburden and enhance the overall healthiness of her soul; and decrease the harmful effect of prior sorrows so the Goddess inside can satisfy her heartfelt goals and objectives

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You are the sound of thundering applause, you are the Goddess incarnate. You are terrific. Ha! You zany woman, you wild, unfettered woman—aren’t you amazing? The Goddess Force smiles on you. The Clan Mothers praise you! And that unique magical power is yours to keep and to use. Your power initiation is complete, you are no longer a novice. You have come to know the depth and breadth of your own Abred power. No one can take it away. It will serve you well. Throw you head back and laugh. Go ahead.

And congratulations, my sweet Goddess, you communed comfortably and effortlessly with your soul for what? One or two hours? Or if you did the Quick Minute Magick, just about as long as it took to read the chapter. And didn’t that soul work make you clap your hands and spin about with childish abandon? You bet it did. The soul is a lovely place within. A joyful place. So let’s assign some time to get better acquainted with the soul. We’ll look at what the Clan Mothers, the wisewomen, and the early Druids recommended for restoring its health.

Your job now is to explore each in great detail. Take it out and turn it over and over in your mind. Don’t leave out a single detail. When you are certain you have relived that bliss, file it away. Oh, go ahead and simply drift awhile in the languishing jet M 32 m Gathering Up the Magick of Your Personal Power stream of one particularly lovely memory, or race on and discover another you’d half-forgotten. It’s your choice. But I must warn you, other magick moments will come tumbling out of your mind in great profusion, happy to be freed from obscurity and given the attention they so rightfully deserve.

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