Clearing: A Guide to Liberating Energies Trapped in by Jim PathFinder Ewing and (Nvnehi Awatisgi)

By Jim PathFinder Ewing and (Nvnehi Awatisgi)

Operating from the basis that each common and human-made house has an power of its personal which may bodily and emotionally have an effect on somebody in that house, this advent to historical practices of environmental shamanism—or transformation of the strength of spaces—explains in functional phrases find out how to release outdated, unproductive strength which may be saved in any space, making room for brand new vibrations to move and raise inhabitants' well-being. Combining undying traditions with the author's vast experience in power transformation, this manual offers step by step suggestions for spotting and manipulating the unseen forces that have an effect on way of life. Real-life examples, guided routines, annotated endnotes, and an in depth word list to complement case studies making the publication either informative and available for functional use.

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Over time, not only will you automatically begin recalling dreams but you will consciously participate in them, thus gaining more insight into their meaning and increasing power over your consciousness. 4 Mastering this power can then lead to other abilities, including conversing with the spirits of the land. Review How to prepare to liberate trapped energies: • Respect the sacredness of all things. • Ask what needs to be done, rather than indiscriminately imposing your will. • Trust in guides, angels, goddesses, and power animals to direct and protect your efforts.

The ripples from the rocking ships informed him that “something” was different. That is, allowing for other possibilities, expanding his frame of reference, and taking his “blinders” off, he eventually was able to “see” the ships. Once he saw them, bringing the images into his own consciousness, the entire tribe was able to view the “reality” of the ships, as well. ” 41 Clearing Being aware of the existence of other forms of energy, such as deities, allows them to manifest as visual phenomena. Just as children learn to see squiggly lines on a page as words, by being open to patterns of energy that are subtly present and believing that they can be associated with deities, people can learn to see the spirits of the land.

Such an activity is especially important today, when due to the coming “shift of the ages” the vibrational energies of the earth are changing radically. This transformative time is called by some the beginning of the New Age, while others say it will result in “ascension,” causing the planet to enter a new dimension. Various authors have written of this “shift of the ages” as a time of accelerated energy, where more is happening more quickly as the “end of time” approaches, predicted by the Mayan calendar to occur in the year 2012.

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