Club and Prescription Drug Abuse by Valerie Bodden

By Valerie Bodden

This identify examines how inhalants and membership, prescription, and over the counter (OTC) medicinal drugs impact contributors and society, investigates how individuals are operating to place an finish to drug abuse, and analyzes the controversies and conflicting viewpoints surrounding the problem. gains contain a word list, chosen bibliography, web content, resource notes, and an index, plus a timeline and crucial evidence. Aligned to universal center criteria and correlated to kingdom criteria. crucial Library is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a department of ABDO.

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They may use sedatives or tranquilizers to help them relax. Or they might turn to stimulants to increase their focus and energy as they work on tasks. Feeling Good Many teens turn to drugs simply to get high. They have heard drugs can make them feel good, and they want TEENS AND THE DEVELOPING BRAIN Researchers once thought the human brain was fully developed by the time a person reached puberty, but new research by the National Institute of Mental Health has revealed the brain may continue to develop until the early 20s.

10 Teens who drank heavily were more likely than nondrinkers to use illicit drugs. Drinkers were also more likely to smoke cigarettes. Every year, alcohol and tobacco use kills more people than all drug overdoses combined. 13 He Uses, She Uses ONE OUT OF EVERY 14 In 2011, up to 315 million people worldwide used drugs at least once in the past 12 months. 15 The United States and other industrialized countries had some of the highest drug use rates in the world. In general, boys tend to report higher drug usage than girls, and the difference increases with age.

Young people abuse inhalants by sniffing them directly from the container, spraying them into their noses or mouths, pouring them into a rag and putting it in their mouths, or spraying them into a bag and then breathing in the fumes. The high from an inhalant can THE SILENT DRUG Because inhalant use is so easy to Although inhalant abuse can be hide, parents are often unaware hard to detect, experts say there their children are using household are some warning signs, including substances to get high.

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