Communication with the Dead by Stuart Kallen

By Stuart Kallen

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Others know their spirit guide has arrived when they perceive certain Spirit guides are said to offer wisdom to those who communicate with them. Psychic Willow Sibert claims the renowned physicist Albert Einstein is one of her spirit guides. 38 smells. For example, some recognize the arrival of an aunt spirit by the aroma of her perfume or the presence of an uncle spirit by the odor of his cigar. People may also feel spirit guides in various ways. Often it is reported that the temperature suddenly moves up or down when a spirit is present.

We began to experience unprecedented miracles in our research. Many of us 57 Did You Know? The AAEVP organizes biweekly sessions called the Big Circle in which investigators conduct simultaneous EVP recording sessions all over the world to communicate with the dead. received phone calls, usually from spirit friend Konstantin Raudive [who died in 1974]. 51 Pettigrew claims Raudive called him seven times and on one occasion they talked for 15 minutes. ”52 In addition to Raudive, INIT investigators said they received spirit phone calls from Friedrich Jurgenson, who died in 1987, as well as Klaus Schreiber, who passed away in 1988.

William Lang . . satisfied all my demands. . Colleagues of Dr. Lang and the people whom he had treated . . confirmed [I] was [channeling] the same Dr. 33 Dr. Lang instructed Chapman on methods spirits used to heal the auras of sick patients. By the early 1950s Chapman had become a globe-trotting healer who treated people in Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, the United States, and elsewhere. By treating people’s auras the spirit doctor was said to cure all manner of problems, including cataracts, arthritis, glaucoma, and even cancer.

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