Communist Legislatures in Comparative Perspective by Daniel Nelson

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The major concern expressed by Yugoslav observers is not that the party organisation and membership play an important role in the 38 Legislatures in Comparative Perspective delegate system- a role now firmly established in constitutional design (Blagojevic, 1977) and political theory (Kardelj, 1978)- but rather that the informal activity of professional politicians in the delegate structure, and especially in the state and party bureaucracies, detracts from citizen self-management. In fact, the obstacles to self-management noted in studies of the post-1974 delegate system (Siber, 1978; Polic, 1979; Perovic, 1979) are very similar to studies of decision making and legislative development in the earlier period (Jerovsek, 1969, Marinkovic, 1971; Pa~ic, 1970) in this respect.

I agree with what Comrade Rakovac saidthat all of the delegates are elected in the same way. I think that we need to find some kind of solution in order to bring all the delegates into the same material position. I just want to say this: carrying out affairs at their work place, for the personal income which they earn at their work place, these delegates in their free time must involve themselves in other activities, they must perform the same socially useful job which delegates who don't have obligations towards their work place perform.

The Federal Chamber in 1975 and 1976 was one of two chambers in the Federal Assembly established by the 1974 Constitution, the other chamber being the Chamber of Republics and Provinces composed almost entirely of professional politicians. 4 per cent) of professional politicians. The occupational diversity of delegates elected to the Federal Chamber after 1974, and particularly the clear distinction between delegates who are professional politicians and those who are avocational or amateur politicians, facilitates research concerning the impact of professional political experience on the level of participation.

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