Computer Mathematics for Programmers by Darrell H. Abney, Laurence Rubin, Donald W. Sibrel

By Darrell H. Abney, Laurence Rubin, Donald W. Sibrel

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Score Date WORK Use the binary addition table, if necessary, to solve these base-2 addition problems: (a) 101 + 11 (b) 1110 + 1111 (c) 110 111 + 111 (d) (e) (f) 100110 + 110101 110 + 10 101 10 10 + 11 2. Use the octal addition table, if necessary, to solve these basè-8 addition problems: (a) (b) (c) 66 +36 675 +246 756 447 +674 (d) 3257 +5576 Problem Set B 35 PROBLEMS WORK 3. Use the hexadecimal addition table, if necessary, to solve these base-16 addition problems: (a) E6A + 477 (b) 8A9 + 6BB (c) 8 7C + 785 (d) 5F2A + CE5 (e) 7F3D + 8CF4 (f) CDFB + ABCD 4.

Therefore, the characteristic is 137 = 100010012. The fraction part is . 11001000011... (as expressed in the exponential form). The 36-bit binary word would be 0 10001001 1100100001100... 65625. 65625. 100101100010101X211 46 Chapter 3 / Computer Arithmetic The sign bit for the equivalent positive number would be 0. To get the characteristic, we solve the equation C - 1 1 = 128. Therefore, the characteristic is 139= 100010112. The fraction part is. 10010110001010100... (as expressed in the exponential form).

Arithmetic is one of the important functions of the computer. Business and scientific applications require that a large number of computations be performed in a short period of time. We can perform these calculations rapidly on the computer, using only l's and 0's. 52 Chapter 3 / Computer Arithmetic Date Name Chapter 3 Problem Set A PROBLEMS 1. Score WORK Change the following decimal numbers to a 16-bit integer representation: (a) 99 (b) 56 2. 3. 34 (h) 400,000 4. 001101 5. 53125 6. The following numbers represent 36-bit binary words as stored on a Univac computer.

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