Corbett Mack: The Life of a Northern Paiute by Michael Hittman

By Michael Hittman

Corbett Mack (1892–1974), used to be a Northern Paiute of combined ancestry, stuck among local American and white worlds. A new release sooner than, his tribe had introduced forth the prophet Wovoka, whose Ghost Dance swept the Indian global within the Nineties. Mack’s international was once a harsh and sour position after the final local American uprisings were brutally beaten; a lifetime of servitude to white farmers and habit to opium. Hittman makes use of Mack’s personal phrases to retell his tale, an uncompromising account of a traumatized lifestyles that typified his iteration, but still made significant in the course of the perseverance of Paiute cultural traditions. 

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No, sir! Says, "You're just gonna look around for more taivo. " What they're always doin' them days, anyway. 23 24 Corbett Mack 2. Sticks and Stones ... And so they make fun of me .... Call me taivo, you know. 'Cause maybe I'm the only one that time in Smith Valley? Old Man Wallace-they call him Karoosee Sam, he's a real old-timer-that's Mike Wallace's father-he call me taivo natsee 'white boy'. But not to my face. 'Cause I got light skin and blue eye, you know. But I don't get mad .... No, sir!

Cause she know him, all right. Know what her own father's doin'. And so that other fellow [Pat Hoye], he never go to prison for what he done. He's my pavee'ee, A-peema'a-oJd[er] cousin-brother, on my grandma's side. Use moohoo '00 [opium] all the time when he come back to Smith Valley.... Hop head .... A Birth and Family (1892) 37 14. Three Brothers and Two Sisters And so I'm right in the middle my outfit. 'Cause Janie and Sullivan, they're both older; Willy, Herman, and Lizzie are younger. , learned English].

No, sir! My mom, she call me that. My grandma, she call me moo 'a [daughter's son). Same way I call her that [self-reciprocal kinship term] back. But Big Mack, he just call me by my name, Corbett. Same way, too, I don't call him na 'a 'father', neither. No, sir! Just mention his name, that's all. Call him Mack. 8. Big Mack's Final Name Change Then you see what he's doin'? " Yes, sir! " Drop the "Big" and put himself down for his pension [Social Security] by that other name. 9. My Real Father But you see who's my real father?

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