Corpus Hermeticum y Asclepio by Brian Copenhaver

By Brian Copenhaver

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A person may tap into the Soul-level source of art, science, literature, music, and so on. The thing that makes it universal is the essence of God, which, on the physical level, we sometimes call humanity. When we watch a movie or television show, see a painting, or read a book that moves us in our hearts, we are probably being touched by that humanity of Soul energy, of God, that has been channeled through the medium. When you are in the levels below Soul, primarily you are aware that you see the Light, and it is beautiful.

If you take it from the inside, you are then able to create what you really choose. You have within you the ability to create. ” That is nonsense. We can spend a great deal of time intellectualizing about a great many things, and we can still be absolutely in error about what is. Before Columbus, many intellectuals said the world was flat. We often determine through our intellectual process how someone should behave, dress, talk, and act. This is often based on the mores pertaining to the time and place and the person’s gender, age, economic circumstances, and race.

Accordingly, on every level of Light, in every plane, in every dimension, there is a keeper of the Sound Current. Appointed by Sat Nam, this is the one who is granted the keys to the Sound Current and who is known as the Mystical Traveler Consciousness. The Traveler has the keys on every realm for the flow of Light and the Sound Current. ’s and serving), it will come in to work with you. The Sound Current does not necessarily work by your calling on it. With the Sound Current, you have to move your consciousness to it.

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