Secret Origins of the Bible by Tim Callahan

By Tim Callahan

• basically written and simply comprehensible via the lay reader. • completely researched: author's issues are subsidized by means of references within the writings of said students. • particular positive factors of the booklet: lavishly illustrated with a number of photos in every one representation that exhibit at a look the mythic issues paralleling the bible.

This ebook demonstrates that the tales and subject matters of the Bible have been a part of the good mythic structures of the traditional global via u sing comparative mythology, inform story verses within the Bible and archaeology. The summary God of recent monotheistic Judaism, Christianity and Islam is a relatively fresh construction. In later instances the parable of a messianic deliverer was once mixed with that of the pagan god-man who suffered a terrible, excruciating loss of life yet was once bodily resurrected to supply the Christ fable.

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Secret Origins of the Bible

• sincerely written and simply comprehensible by means of the lay reader. • completely researched: author's issues are subsidized by way of references within the writings of said students. • particular positive factors of the booklet: lavishly illustrated with a number of photographs in each one representation that express at a look the mythic subject matters paralleling the bible.

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He was preceded by Ziusudra, hero of the Sumerian flood story in a tablet dating from 2300 BCE, and he was later succeeded by Utnapishtim in the final version of the epic of Gilgamesh from about 700 BCE. The story of Atrahasis begins before the creation of human beings, when the lower gods, the Igigi, tired of laboring to keep the high gods, the Anunaki, in luxury, revolt and refuse to do any further work. Since this upsets the divine order, two of the Anunaki, Ea (called Enki by the Sumerians) and the goddess Nin-tu (Ninhursag), kill Wa'ila, leader of the Igigi, mix his blood with clay and mold from the mix seven pairs of "savage" human beings called lullu.

Viewed in this light it is logical that Telegonas became king by killing Odysseus, being hailed as his son and marrying Penelope. The marriage of Telemachus to Circe would be a parallel story and would also add a formulaic symmetry to the myth. Retelling the tale the later Greeks, among whom sacred kingship had lapsed, likely made the "sons" of Odysseus his biological sons. Of course, this interpretation also affects how we see the story of Oedipus. This does not mean that the tragedies of Sophocles have to be discarded.

The god was known in Akkad as Samsu. It is then a minor change to go from Samsu to Samson. " Thus the consonant skeleton of the Semitic sun god can be expanded to (S, Sh, Ch)_(M,P)_(S, Sh, H). " A god named Kamish was worshiped in Ebla between 2600 and 2250 BCE, and his name is found in texts from ancient Ugarit as well. It is possible that Chemosh was like the Babylonian underworld deity Nergal. Oddly enough, this may not necessarily contradict the view of Chemosh as a sun god. Solar deities were often either paired widi underworld gods, with whom they split the rule of the year, or were themselves seen as journeying fhrough the underworld at night, going west to east, just as they journeyed through the sky going east to west during the day.

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